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Project Sketches

All projects begin with a sketch or two. Sketch drawings continue throughout to help develop ideas or resolve issues.

Hand drawings have always been integral and an important part of architectural design; even in the age of computers.


Riucker Residence

Eagle, CO

butterfly spa.jpeg

Butterfly Spa Hotel

Nicoya, Costa Rica

theatre sketch.jpeg


New York City

sanctuary sketch.jpeg

Aremea Laboratory

Film Set

The Everglades, FL

Prayer Sanctuary

Crestone, CO

Candido box 1.jpg
sketch water tower.jpeg
sketch roof.jpeg

And sometimes, we draw other stuff, just because...

ink @arles .jpeg
ely cathedral.jpg
sketch pipe 2.jpeg
sketch pipe 3.jpeg
sketch pipe 1.jpeg
eiseman dwg 1.tif
ink abstract 1.jpeg
2006 Portfolio Pics -031.jpg
topo study 3.jpeg
2006 Portfolio Pics -024.jpg
admin painting.tif
2006 Portfolio Pics -027.jpg
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