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Site Planning & Zoning

SFR + ADU - Zoning District A.

Zoning and Property Use for Residential Use

Lake County, FL

Planning and Zoning play an important role in the design of buildings and development of properties.

Often a thorough Zoning and Planning analysis must be performed to see what is permitted, and what are the restrictive convenants that determine land use and building form.

While sometimes it is necessary to bring in third party consultants, in most cases we can do the analysis and determine the possibilities to move forward with the design process.

Here are a few of the projects in which we have had to do this before moving on to the design and development process.

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ADU Addition - SF3

Zoning and Restrictive Use Covenents Analysis for Accesory Dwelling Unit

Austin, TX


Land Use Planning for Eco Development Housing

Pico Bonito, Honduras.          

Pico Bonito Wilderness Club Housing

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